Thursday, February 18, 2010


hi again, its time to update my blog... 2 times i dream about ghost!! its very scary.. OMG!! first, i dream it before holiday... the ghost(puntianak) was in the cluster with annoying voice... at that time just me was sleeping in my own room.. what is the meaning of this??? second, i dream after me and my friends vacation at Labuan.. in my dream, the ghost stand in front of my face with ugly look... can u imagine it... gladly i was awake.. i won't continue that dream again!!! i think the ghost is following me.... hope thats is just my imagination...

Now, lets move to the next story that i had a trip with my friend at Labuan... i think its scary for me..

first day we arrived to Manikar Beach resort, i felt like something bad will happen. but, nothing happen..hehe.. at the first night, we went to the town, before that, at that night, the light at Manikar suddenly off.. not only me realize it but my friends also.. so we just think positive.. at that night also i stayed with my friends at resort, i wont going home alone because area at that place is very3 dark and scary!! actually area of that resort is near to grave!!! and i had heard a story from people at that place about ghost!! they said that "area at Manikar beach resort is scary and many ghost available at that resort especially at !! sorry guys for placing all of you at that resort.. but we still enjoyed it..hehe

second day, i bring them to chimney and taman burung... at that night!!! i made my decision to home early.. but, before i going home.. me, sadre n aydil saw a person with blood at all over his hand!! is scary to see!! when i thinking again.. its weired!! such a bad thing will happen.. i thing la...

and the last day at night, we went to "open house" we nearest got an accident! just because a cat!!! gladly i we saved!! and i think again, why do all this thing happened??? i think some kind of bad thing is following us!! but it didn't happen... thanks Allah.. then, after my friends back to kk... i had a dream about ghost(puntianak) with a white dress + messy hair!!! hope this kind of thing will going far from me.....

ahhh... sory if my story is not clear.. but its the firt time i had it...
thanks 4 reading... see u next week.. ;)

Thursday, February 4, 2010

task one accomplished

hi, eehaaa, i already done with my first presentation, i felt very nervous. i had introduce to all my classmate about F&N Holdings berhad. but i dont satisfy with my presentation. because, i didnt promote my product well. i acctually have a video to show, but i dont have much time.. hmmmm... but, i am happy because all my friend pay attention to me.. tq.. for the next task, i want to improve my confident while talking infront and do the best.. wish luck to my friends who present in the next class..

byebye.. ;)

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