Thursday, January 28, 2010

lets sing and dance...

what a good idea to remember tenses.. hehe

Sunday, January 24, 2010

social interaction

last week on 22 January we attend social interaction event with DIS part 6. in this event, mdm. Aries ask all of us must wearing such corporate dress to be looks like a professional person. i'm just wearing a simple dress. actually we had done this event with mdm, lindy erm, today, i wanna talk about this event. i am totally nervous actually while gathering with senior DIS. but, to improve my confidence level, i should do it. now, i have a bit experience on how to talk and share information to other people. in this event also, i have met some friends.... me and my friend enjoyed in this event. i think this event must be practicing by all student in order to improve their speaking skills, confidence level and many more.. erm, in the end of this event, we must do some report to be submit on 25 jan.. erm, by the way, i am choosing F&N Holding Bhd. and my position as deputy chief executive officer (food & beverage).. well thats all for today... ;)

thanks for reading.. daaaaa

Sunday, January 17, 2010


hi there again, how are you? hope all of you ok.. :) now is 2.25a.m, i still cant sleep.. so, i take this opportunity to update my blog. today i want to tell about "friends". so guys, what is meaning of friends to you? do you love your friend?? i do..chengggggg!! friend is a person who always support you when you sad or even share joy and happiness together... friend is a second person who always be with you after your family. by friend, we can know who are you actually!! if your friend didn't likes you, thats mean there are something wrong with you that you should change. for me, if my friend dislike me, i just accept it, try to find my mistake and change it then apologize to them. so, love your friend, taking care of them same as they care about you, advise your friend if they do wrong... if you realize that your friend is becoming far from you, hurry up find them back.. khuaaa... im sleepy right now.. hehe sorry..

okey thats all for today.. hope you enjoy with your friend.. byebye.. ;)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Bad mood cured..

zzz... actually i don't know what to post at this blog.. but i must keep in touch with it.i just can share my activity for today.. today is Saturday, what do i done first is escaping from "senam robik" haha.. i know some of those who staying at cluster may doing the same thing.. duh!!! its waste my time, but thats the rules to get hostel for the next semester, i hope i'll still get hostel.. what do i done for today is hanging out with my friends to center point "CP".. waiting the bus made my mood very bad!!! i don't like waiting!!... luckily, has someone take us... suddenly, what we done at CP is eating at KFC with bad mood "just me".. i would try to eat zinger tower actually which is the new menu of KFC.. my comment is, not bad, it's delicious but i breaks my rule by eating at KFC... why do because it's expensive..if you want to know, my new rules for this year is "don't spend more money when its is not necessary" Cheng... hehe.. but what to do..!! once a time..hehe.. then, we made a plan by going to jamming.. wow... its fun... singing loud and rolling the drum freely and made my mood cured to crazy mood!!haha.. actually today we wanted to shopping but not achieved.. then suddenly, when i saw my watch OMG it's nearest to 6pm... we afraid didn't got a bus to get back to uitm but, we lucky... then we home plus tired!! we got nothing today just having fun...hehe

thanks reading


Wednesday, January 6, 2010


duh... this is my first blogging and i don't know how its works, But i will learn how to use it. today, we already done first presentation about our selves as introduction in subject BEL312... i hope this semester will better than the past.. actually, my English is quite not good, especially in grammar, speaking and my confidence level talking in front of my friends. so, i hope by this semester with my new lecturer madam Aries will guide me and my friends to get more comfortable while presenting our assignment... tq ;)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


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