Friday, September 16, 2011

well hello guys, now we just start our degree studies.. i am very happy with my own achievement.. Alhamdulillah my Rezeki.. Thanks to Allah cuz give me a chance to further my studies and i wish so to finish my study till master program..InsayAllah...

New chapter of my life and i hope all is going to be ok and no unwelcome things will happen.. at this time, i am not gonna stay at hostel and my friends just rent 2 rooms at Indah Permai Area.. firstly, we planned to rent a house, but unfortunately we can't realize it our wish to have rumah sewa! haha... can u imagine a students renting a house with preliminary charge with RM3000!! wahaha.. (perhaps we are more)... i have my own "angan-angan" to stay independent with my friends at rumah sewa, but the price made my "angan-angan mati umpama terhimpit kayu balak yang besar" wahaha.. but, whatever just forget it..if i think wider it wont give anythings perhaps my will is high! hihihi..

first week of class was so made us waited.. first and second day were canceled due to clash of some classes with diploma students.. but we just started with 2 class which MAF420 and OB class.. we meet mdm Emelia again, she is our KP for degree.. first MAF class, we had been given an assignment to find the meaning of all theory of CVP topic and i did not do it..esok lah..hihi and da we are asked to handle one event which will held on October... we just had made an 1 organization and hopes we will working together without any dispute!hihihi..

now i am at labuan, enjoying happy Malaysia Day Holidays, just arrived this afternoon and will going back to kk on this Sunday.. oh, so tired actually...

well, i am now is always thinking, reading and doing some personal research about one things that u never think.. guess what? it about "psychic" i know u may think i am crazy, but actually it was interesting topic to know as side knowledge.. hihi..

i think that's all i can say for this entry.. wish me and my friends luck for our studies..

thanks for ur time reading my blog.. SELAMAT HARI RAYA ^___^

Friday, September 9, 2011

its september! i still dont have a time to update this blog.. InsyaAllah will update it soon...

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