Sunday, July 18, 2010

do you believe second chance?

for me yes... why?
bcuz all person in the world must did their own mistake or will make mistake..
there's no person is perfect in this world.. right?
and i know if u or even me did some mistake.. we would begging for apologize or hopes for a second chance to correct the wrong..
this is happen in me and based on the reality that i saw..ceng!
second chance also can change us to be a batter one...

nananana... if he or she still "nda berubah" go to the hell la...

what are u doing when free?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

New Mo0D....

Gladly i pass in part 4 ( but i did not satisfy with my achievement so far, ianya semakin come jok!)... now part 5, new subjects, new lecturers, new book.. all la new... its gonna be my next challenge to face all killer subject such tax, costing n Far(again).. i hope this semester i'll improve my study style.. i want to reduce playing game ( but kalau boring habuttttttttt), hanging out (but if ada muvie yg baru kluar habuttttttt)... erm.. the words "but" is always in me... if you want to improve jok.. the word "BUT" must be kick off from your mind or something.. chenggg... okay just try and try and also try to try your best to get what you want!!!

i write this because i trap in my own room... so much boring, nothing to do... so has 1 idea comes to me to write something in my blog since i didnt update it from my previous semester..... but i miss when mdm aries teach us... hope i'll be improve time to time... cing!.. ok la duuuu

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