Saturday, February 11, 2012

lots of status!


today i eat too much, 2 plate rice and soto makasar! how to slim my body..haha

during this holiday, i spent lots of my time playing games! n cleaning..

tomorrow, Sunday, me,my sister n cousin will fly to KL for vacation.. great! my holiday will be more interesting..hehe so, hello KL!

my niece is coming home today. now my niece age was 5 month,she now just learn how to "bertiarap" hehe.. owh, actually, i can't hold a baby on my arm, i felt fragile. now she is sleeping!

i always open my Fb, check my mail and always waiting for my loan! up until now, there was noting news regarding it! F! but my friend said this 15, InsyaAllah, the loan will be debit to account! hope so!

22 feb, will be the most nervous day for me and my friends as well! because our examination result for samester 4 will be announce! my hope, there's noting bad! InsyaAllah..

i always dreaming that, one day, i can be a famous chef, singer and popular! i always imagine that..haha (freak imagination isn't is?) and also, dreaming to be one of the most Millionaire person, so i can buy many this and open my own business! and going for Haji.. haha...

i heard from my cousin story that, all accountant department, i mean accountant qualification will be not valid and will upgraded to auditor soon on 2015.. is it true or just some of it? (kabar angin) in my own opinion, many institutions nowadays had produced lots of accountant graduates! so, i think.. it is not relevant! because, accountant is one of the power tools for the organization to identify and manage their resources.. i mean in making decision, they need to see their financial position whether they can invest their funds, acquire assets and making products. so, noting much i can say, because it is just..i don't know.. full stop! tq

owh, i forget to tell yaw that, i have a new kitten name Fonzie_Capulchinno! say hi to Fonzie!
later i'll update his photo! ok (macam tah ada org kisah) wahahaha...

therefore, Habut!

Salam.. :)
i like this nelly furtado song!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

ok done!!

well hello...
long time i did not update this blog... since busy hits me up, so i don't have much time for this site.. now we are in holidays! this semester break just only 1 months, not like previously.. ok gantung! my plan for this holiday is already arranged, so left to realised it..

so, today what am i gonna share to you is about my trip at kundasang with my friends!
our trip to kundasang is actually being organised by zul (special thanks to him). we went 3 place in only one day! at the first place we are actually want to stayed 1 night, but all the hotel was already full booked! duhhh.. so we managed just go and back!
our trip started at 6 a.m (6 am c zul jam 7 kan?? haha) until 6pm.. the first placed we visited is "Kinabalu park" where it was located before kundasang. secondly at poring and the last was mesilaw.. hehe

that's all for today...
(malas mo menaip) thuduls!!

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