Saturday, February 11, 2012

lots of status!


today i eat too much, 2 plate rice and soto makasar! how to slim my body..haha

during this holiday, i spent lots of my time playing games! n cleaning..

tomorrow, Sunday, me,my sister n cousin will fly to KL for vacation.. great! my holiday will be more interesting..hehe so, hello KL!

my niece is coming home today. now my niece age was 5 month,she now just learn how to "bertiarap" hehe.. owh, actually, i can't hold a baby on my arm, i felt fragile. now she is sleeping!

i always open my Fb, check my mail and always waiting for my loan! up until now, there was noting news regarding it! F! but my friend said this 15, InsyaAllah, the loan will be debit to account! hope so!

22 feb, will be the most nervous day for me and my friends as well! because our examination result for samester 4 will be announce! my hope, there's noting bad! InsyaAllah..

i always dreaming that, one day, i can be a famous chef, singer and popular! i always imagine that..haha (freak imagination isn't is?) and also, dreaming to be one of the most Millionaire person, so i can buy many this and open my own business! and going for Haji.. haha...

i heard from my cousin story that, all accountant department, i mean accountant qualification will be not valid and will upgraded to auditor soon on 2015.. is it true or just some of it? (kabar angin) in my own opinion, many institutions nowadays had produced lots of accountant graduates! so, i think.. it is not relevant! because, accountant is one of the power tools for the organization to identify and manage their resources.. i mean in making decision, they need to see their financial position whether they can invest their funds, acquire assets and making products. so, noting much i can say, because it is just..i don't know.. full stop! tq

owh, i forget to tell yaw that, i have a new kitten name Fonzie_Capulchinno! say hi to Fonzie!
later i'll update his photo! ok (macam tah ada org kisah) wahahaha...

therefore, Habut!

Salam.. :)
i like this nelly furtado song!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

ok done!!

well hello...
long time i did not update this blog... since busy hits me up, so i don't have much time for this site.. now we are in holidays! this semester break just only 1 months, not like previously.. ok gantung! my plan for this holiday is already arranged, so left to realised it..

so, today what am i gonna share to you is about my trip at kundasang with my friends!
our trip to kundasang is actually being organised by zul (special thanks to him). we went 3 place in only one day! at the first place we are actually want to stayed 1 night, but all the hotel was already full booked! duhhh.. so we managed just go and back!
our trip started at 6 a.m (6 am c zul jam 7 kan?? haha) until 6pm.. the first placed we visited is "Kinabalu park" where it was located before kundasang. secondly at poring and the last was mesilaw.. hehe

that's all for today...
(malas mo menaip) thuduls!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

my BEL script!!

Topic: Human aura

Specific purpose: To tell my audience what is aura and relation between aura and human in life.

A very good afternoon to Mr. Joseph and to all my fellow mates, today I will talk about the human aura. As my introduction for this topic is there is nothing “Paranormal” in the universe, except our limited over standing of nature and the universe.
Can aura provide the insight is to who we are and how we behave. Many psychic believes that the color field that given up by auras. Aura is the basis of a lot the metaphysic. The aura tells to the person and personality and who the person is. An aura is to find this the intangible quality that surrounds the person. For those who study them, aura is not only visible; they can be documents for photograph.
Lets me boost your mind to get in to know what the definition of aura is. Aura is the electromagnetic field that surrounds the people, plant and everything basically. The field vary, they vary and vibration, if you listen to the music, you will react what the music reflect you emotionally. Is because the music is the wavelength, your aura is actually is wavelength too.
It is important to keep your aura healthy, as it is to keep your body healthy, because the aura is human body bodyguard. Many professional in aura believes that soul that contains in that body and that does also contain inside the aura field too.
There are seven layers and 7 chakras in human body. Each layer appears different and has its own particular function. Each layer of the aura is associated with a chakra that is, the first layer is associated with the first chakra, and the second with the second chakra, and so on.
1) The first layer of the field and the first chakra are associated with physical function and physical sensation. Feeling physical pain or pleasure. The first layer is associated with autonomic functioning of the body. It is also connected with adrenal glands, kidney and spinal column.
2) The second layer and second chakra are in general associated with the emotional aspect of human beings. They are vehicles through which we have our emotional life and feelings. It is also connected with the reproductive system.
3) The third is associated with our mental life, with linear thinking. The third chakra is associated with linear thinking. It is also connected with pancreas, stomach, liver, gall bladder and nervous system.
4) The fourth level, associated with the heart chakra, is the vehicle through which with we love, not only for mates, but also humanity in general. The fourth chakra is the chakra that metabolizes the energy of love. It is associated with the thymus gland, heart, blood, vogues nerve and circulatory system.
5) The fifth level is the level associated with the higher will more connect with the divine will. The fifth chakra is associated with the power of the word, speaking things into being, listening and taking responsibility for our actions. It is also connected with the thyroid gland, bronchial and vocal apparatus, lungs, and alimentary canal.
6) The sixth level and sixth chakra are associated with celestial love. It is a love that extends beyond the human range of love and encompasses all life. It is also connected with the lower brain, left eye, ears, nose and nervous system.
7) The seventh layer and seventh chakra are associated with the higher mind, knowing and integration or our spiritual and physical make-up. It is also connected with the upper brain, and right eye.
Every person or living things has their own aura. The aura colors can change time to time based on the person emotion, spirit and personality. The aura is some kind of always stick close with the human body. Most people function well outside beyond on bodies link. The aura is like a blueprint, it gives information about your attitude, spirit, personality and your soul. It tells everything in terms of color and sort of geometrical shapes, its give a lot of information. But one of the best things you can do is to keep your aura pulls out far.


Tuesday, November 8, 2011

is tension with assignment

mula2 ada sifat rebellious sikit at the time to start degree program, but now... nah abik mu assignment.. $@$#@$%#%$#%$%&^%^ and make me insane to all people around me (helo i'm not crazy yet).. sometimes this things change me to be a quiet person, become serious person and i dunno why this feels suddenly exist in me.. maybe i am too afraid of not gonna complete all the task.. i need counseling PLEASE!! THANKS!!

study is actually need to be feel in enjoy mood! so then you will get the good result towards it.. jgn sija ylampau injui la..

now, we are in mid-term semester break, and lots of work given by our lecturers.. and i feel interested and a bit exited.. but since the assignment is too boost my mind, its become tension and i am afraid can't complete all of it... i should schedule my time is it? yes u should do it...

lets talk about my convocation trip at UiTM Shah Alam..

at the first day, we fly to KL on Tuesday and stayed at my friend sister house at putra jaya.. what we did was, we went to masjid Putra Jaya and pick some picture... peace ^_^V

then at the second day, we went to UiTM Shah Alam to get our robe and went to Bikut bintang.. we rented an hotel named bintang garden hotel.. kali la namanya,, nda ku ingatt ihhh..haha.. for 2 days with duka, fariz and sarie.. at the first day at BB we just went around at times square and satu mall d sebalahnya tu.. nda ku ingat namanya...hihi we meet afiq and friends and makang2 d mall tuh...

at the night we went to down town at ceras (kahhh??) i brought a watch, t-shirt and a jersey.. at that time we forgot to bring zul together with us and he felt disappointed...hahaha habut lah.. sudah terjadi kn...hahaha sorry zul... cingggggg...

at the second night at BB, on the morning we just stayed at hotel cuz (shalas mo jalan2).. fariz and duka was missing cuz they have their own work.. just me and sarie stayed.. booooooringggg!! and i bring him to find some food to ate.. we just went at the nearest mall and enjoyed our lunch.. then, we planned to went to visit KLCC.. we arrived there at KLCC and pick some picture.. peace *_*V

at at 5 Pm we went back to BB... at BB me, zul and aydil went to time square (ngam kah time square) habutt.. and played games there.. we played roller coaster (my dream), spining2 yg bikin mual and hempas2 bikit matai..wahaha.. at totally felt muaaaa mo muntah.. haha we enjoyed walaupun 3 org jak...huhuhuhu

then at the next day, we separated and stayed with our family.. on that day i went to afiq house.. and veryyy much happy!! huuhuhu.. we oso had fun and had pick some picture pease ^_^V

thanks afiq cuz inviting us to ur open house..hihi

next is on graduation day.. the most valuable experienced i ever had and most memorable day!! i felt like tidak percaya terhadap kejayaan yg tlah ak capai (walaupun tidak ANC or whatever) saya amat2 lah bersyukur kepada Allah SWT.. Thanks Allah.. i hope degree ni i will try my best to get KELAS PERTAMA..hihihih (semogalah).. KELAS PERTAMA was my motivation... InsayAllah kalau diizinkan..huhuhu...

here my convocation picture i am proud!

ok thats all... NAHHH TINGU nda terbuat bel aku.. ok duh... wasssalam bye bye

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

take a break!

ok take 5. actually i feel like my spirit of studying is becoming lesser n lesser.. idk why, may be i think many burden that i faced now.. but i should not think like that.. i must think for my future, family and my achievement.. now, i have a lot of assignment to finish, presentation n so on that related with my study. before this i had promised myself to be hard work in my studies, but suddenly its become different.. come on jok, i should find someone that can give me sort of motivation to elect my laziness.. i think my friends named aeron can give me inspiration. he always ask me to study with him everyday.. but the problem is myself!! i can't focus while study!!
there are many things that distract me.. maybe the environment (not to blame it, its actually comes from me). it should be like.. "something that we do, it must comes from us (intend) first.. if we dislike on what we did, it will result nothing" (i just made this quotation to be implement to myself) JK2011. oh what am i "merepek nih" ak pn nda paham...

actually i feel confuse right now!

ok jok let's enjoy on your study.. from now on (12 October 2011) i should plant the new goal.. cinggggggggggg

don't be stress, enjoy your studies!!

study study n study

Monday, October 3, 2011

sempat lagi bah

hellow bloggers.. september 2011 just left us about 3 days ago.. and now we are in month of october.. i miss my working time at airpak express with watie,bb n kak mira... :( hukhuk

hmmmm...sitting in EL n Aeron room and enjoying my hot milo drink and daa thinking about how to finish my assignment.. i'm fucked with all this things... i am about to stop sometimes but i can't do that.. i have to be strong to face all this things.. (think about ur future jok!)

nowadays study is not like my diploma style.. lots of assignment had been given by our lecturers.. today assignment is to prepare my CTU553 slides if i will be choosing to present tomorrow! hope not me... shu shu shu... i see my friends right here.. they are cool n steady n i think they are like not afraid if they will present their assignment tomorrow.. hope one of them will present instead of me... haha..

actually lots of story that i want to write.. but i don't have much time to spend with this blog.. InsyaAllah next time i will...

good bye ^_^

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