Tuesday, August 31, 2010

MERDEKA! huray...

hi again, todays is our 53 national day.. when i was child, me and my family always celebrate it by hanging out to dataran Labuan to see citra warna that was perform by kebudayaan labuan.. participate in marching.. watching fireworks, hmmm.. but now, me and my friends celebrate it in ostel.. just in ostel.. when i remembered back in the past.. at Labuan, when the national day come, OM n Pilak is always around, eee, tolong la!!! why this kind of people exists!! they always making trouble... stealing la, teriak2 macam kunti la, maramu mcm kucing nak beranak la... haaaa... hope if i come back to labuan soon, this kind of people go berambus la balik... disaster betul!! (knp plak ak panas ni, etchhh....)

i love Malaysia..

its looks like "mcm teda2 bha ak post".. habut.. asalkn my blog still update..hehe

ok duu, selamat menyambut hari Merdeka yg ke 53 to all Malaysian... hehe

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