Monday, August 8, 2011

birthday wishes =)

i wish someone will give this cake!!! ;( (dreaming)

to all my fb friends, friends, family and people who wished me a birthday yesterday through anything such fb sms or face 2 face.. thnx a lot.. i am touched!!!.. now i am 21 years old.. and i am still studying... OMG! i can't believe myself that i can reach in this level!! previously, i thought that i am gonna finish my study in SPM Level... but now, i had successfully graduated Diploma from UiTM Sabah.. and now in a head, I'll gonna further my study in Degree level.... i wanna make my parents proud of me and will become a good one in the future... i hope All my wish will come true...

I'm crying!

Lastly Thank you very very much to all my friends once again...! hope what we did today will be bless by Allah...

As-salam, n selamat berpuasa :)

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