Wednesday, August 3, 2011

just to write...

well hi bloggers, today is the third day of ramadhan.. r u fasting?? ihihihi.... arggghh.. actually i don't have any time to write something on this blog cuz i was busy with my work at office... however, i take a short while for u.. what am i gonna share with u is my feeling when being as a "bilal" while solat tarawih... first of all, i don't expected to be a "bilal" but my Guru ask me to be a "bilal" and i refuse but i have to accept cuz nobody want to be a bilal on that night... so i just stand and went in front and offer myself to be a bilal... hmmmm my heart beat was beating so fast (idk like i dance beat you know +_+!), nervous and and too many error when i speak the words... i tried to disappear my nervous feeling by imagine like how i did when speak loud in front of many people (like i study and speak in UiTM class) <-- u know what i mean... duhhh still my english bad to make u understand).. i mean i am afraid not afraid actually but nervous when speak in front of many people that is my weakness!! ok what ever it is.... i like to a bilal.. so i will try next time..or may be this night or somewhere in this ramadhan..ihihihih...

that's all.... let's solat zuhur... byebye

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