Monday, October 3, 2011

sempat lagi bah

hellow bloggers.. september 2011 just left us about 3 days ago.. and now we are in month of october.. i miss my working time at airpak express with watie,bb n kak mira... :( hukhuk

hmmmm...sitting in EL n Aeron room and enjoying my hot milo drink and daa thinking about how to finish my assignment.. i'm fucked with all this things... i am about to stop sometimes but i can't do that.. i have to be strong to face all this things.. (think about ur future jok!)

nowadays study is not like my diploma style.. lots of assignment had been given by our lecturers.. today assignment is to prepare my CTU553 slides if i will be choosing to present tomorrow! hope not me... shu shu shu... i see my friends right here.. they are cool n steady n i think they are like not afraid if they will present their assignment tomorrow.. hope one of them will present instead of me... haha..

actually lots of story that i want to write.. but i don't have much time to spend with this blog.. InsyaAllah next time i will...

good bye ^_^

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