Wednesday, October 12, 2011

take a break!

ok take 5. actually i feel like my spirit of studying is becoming lesser n lesser.. idk why, may be i think many burden that i faced now.. but i should not think like that.. i must think for my future, family and my achievement.. now, i have a lot of assignment to finish, presentation n so on that related with my study. before this i had promised myself to be hard work in my studies, but suddenly its become different.. come on jok, i should find someone that can give me sort of motivation to elect my laziness.. i think my friends named aeron can give me inspiration. he always ask me to study with him everyday.. but the problem is myself!! i can't focus while study!!
there are many things that distract me.. maybe the environment (not to blame it, its actually comes from me). it should be like.. "something that we do, it must comes from us (intend) first.. if we dislike on what we did, it will result nothing" (i just made this quotation to be implement to myself) JK2011. oh what am i "merepek nih" ak pn nda paham...

actually i feel confuse right now!

ok jok let's enjoy on your study.. from now on (12 October 2011) i should plant the new goal.. cinggggggggggg

don't be stress, enjoy your studies!!

study study n study

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