Sunday, January 24, 2010

social interaction

last week on 22 January we attend social interaction event with DIS part 6. in this event, mdm. Aries ask all of us must wearing such corporate dress to be looks like a professional person. i'm just wearing a simple dress. actually we had done this event with mdm, lindy erm, today, i wanna talk about this event. i am totally nervous actually while gathering with senior DIS. but, to improve my confidence level, i should do it. now, i have a bit experience on how to talk and share information to other people. in this event also, i have met some friends.... me and my friend enjoyed in this event. i think this event must be practicing by all student in order to improve their speaking skills, confidence level and many more.. erm, in the end of this event, we must do some report to be submit on 25 jan.. erm, by the way, i am choosing F&N Holding Bhd. and my position as deputy chief executive officer (food & beverage).. well thats all for today... ;)

thanks for reading.. daaaaa


  1. I think its mdm. Lindey..
    Just wanna interrupt..
    Glad you enjoy that social gathering (is this right). Hoho.

  2. i actually didn't remember the name.. just say so.. whose know their know..


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