Sunday, January 17, 2010


hi there again, how are you? hope all of you ok.. :) now is 2.25a.m, i still cant sleep.. so, i take this opportunity to update my blog. today i want to tell about "friends". so guys, what is meaning of friends to you? do you love your friend?? i do..chengggggg!! friend is a person who always support you when you sad or even share joy and happiness together... friend is a second person who always be with you after your family. by friend, we can know who are you actually!! if your friend didn't likes you, thats mean there are something wrong with you that you should change. for me, if my friend dislike me, i just accept it, try to find my mistake and change it then apologize to them. so, love your friend, taking care of them same as they care about you, advise your friend if they do wrong... if you realize that your friend is becoming far from you, hurry up find them back.. khuaaa... im sleepy right now.. hehe sorry..

okey thats all for today.. hope you enjoy with your friend.. byebye.. ;)

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