Tuesday, November 8, 2011

is tension with assignment

mula2 ada sifat rebellious sikit at the time to start degree program, but now... nah abik mu assignment.. $@$#@$%#%$#%$%&^%^ and make me insane to all people around me (helo i'm not crazy yet).. sometimes this things change me to be a quiet person, become serious person and i dunno why this feels suddenly exist in me.. maybe i am too afraid of not gonna complete all the task.. i need counseling PLEASE!! THANKS!!

study is actually need to be feel in enjoy mood! so then you will get the good result towards it.. jgn sija ylampau injui la..

now, we are in mid-term semester break, and lots of work given by our lecturers.. and i feel interested and a bit exited.. but since the assignment is too boost my mind, its become tension and i am afraid can't complete all of it... i should schedule my time is it? yes u should do it...

lets talk about my convocation trip at UiTM Shah Alam..

at the first day, we fly to KL on Tuesday and stayed at my friend sister house at putra jaya.. what we did was, we went to masjid Putra Jaya and pick some picture... peace ^_^V

then at the second day, we went to UiTM Shah Alam to get our robe and went to Bikut bintang.. we rented an hotel named bintang garden hotel.. kali la namanya,, nda ku ingatt ihhh..haha.. for 2 days with duka, fariz and sarie.. at the first day at BB we just went around at times square and satu mall d sebalahnya tu.. nda ku ingat namanya...hihi we meet afiq and friends and makang2 d mall tuh...

at the night we went to down town at ceras (kahhh??) i brought a watch, t-shirt and a jersey.. at that time we forgot to bring zul together with us and he felt disappointed...hahaha habut lah.. sudah terjadi kn...hahaha sorry zul... cingggggg...

at the second night at BB, on the morning we just stayed at hotel cuz (shalas mo jalan2).. fariz and duka was missing cuz they have their own work.. just me and sarie stayed.. booooooringggg!! and i bring him to find some food to ate.. we just went at the nearest mall and enjoyed our lunch.. then, we planned to went to visit KLCC.. we arrived there at KLCC and pick some picture.. peace *_*V

at at 5 Pm we went back to BB... at BB me, zul and aydil went to time square (ngam kah time square) habutt.. and played games there.. we played roller coaster (my dream), spining2 yg bikin mual and hempas2 bikit matai..wahaha.. at totally felt muaaaa mo muntah.. haha we enjoyed walaupun 3 org jak...huhuhuhu

then at the next day, we separated and stayed with our family.. on that day i went to afiq house.. and veryyy much happy!! huuhuhu.. we oso had fun and had pick some picture pease ^_^V

thanks afiq cuz inviting us to ur open house..hihi

next is on graduation day.. the most valuable experienced i ever had and most memorable day!! i felt like tidak percaya terhadap kejayaan yg tlah ak capai (walaupun tidak ANC or whatever) saya amat2 lah bersyukur kepada Allah SWT.. Thanks Allah.. i hope degree ni i will try my best to get KELAS PERTAMA..hihihih (semogalah).. KELAS PERTAMA was my motivation... InsayAllah kalau diizinkan..huhuhu...

here my convocation picture i am proud!

ok thats all... NAHHH TINGU nda terbuat bel aku.. ok duh... wasssalam bye bye

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  1. wah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best!!!!!! bejaln2 d kl mcm d KK. balik2 jmpa kwn2 sndiri. :P


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