Saturday, May 28, 2011

dota dota dota!!

dota2.. what is dota? the full name of these game is "defense of the ancient".. i started to played this game since i was in part 1 students in UiTM.. hell yea.. i addicted to played this game.. cuZ, my brain can't stop thinking about my strategies to kill the enemy!! and da nowww.. i still addicted to this game! i think i am good in playing this game.. i mean can consider as pro!! acthhhhhh....hahaha... i also had created an account in garena game world which i can play with other people through it... currently my garena level is 9...

but today. 28 may 2011 i was played twice game( dua dua manang tau!!0hehe ) which the first game i used rylai cristal fall (cristal myden) here she is


she looks sexy right hahaha.. love to use her level 6 skills...

the second game i used line inverse slayer heere she is:

she also looks hot kn ahaha n the ultimate power is so strong!

actually i am boring right now.. nothing to do.. so i play dota la... hmmm.... suddenly ak teringat kenangan bermain dota semasa belajar duluu... haha my experience playing this game was.. i was (i mean my friends zul,sadre,shahari n aydil n me ofkos) had joined satu pertandingan dota d UiTM.. badly we lose it.. but not uncit... hehe... and da we also had played i mean group 1 n group 2 championship battle!! haha but me n zul had a glory of that game!! <----(JADI!!!) ok la duhh!!! next game! will use akasha (the queen of pain)! here she is:

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