Sunday, May 1, 2011

its true....

From now on, i will and i don't care anything about u anymore, be always beside u(selalu kah???) haha, be the one who u will find if u get problem(cing), and thinking bla bla bla... I've successfully manage to forget every thing of u...its just a waste waiting for u.. maybe u are not for me.. or something.... ngeeee.. but anyway, thanks to u cuz make me feel like this... <--- sounds like i being rejected by someone right? hehe... actually nope.. i'm just being a stupid guy looking for nothing.. cuz, i can't spread it the "WORD", what i felt since start feeling sampting la with her... hehe.. i do remember what she said to me last 3 years ago... shaluuuuuuuuuuu... hahaha.. "what a nonsense serious shit i am feeling"....haha she said to me " maybe i am not the person for u tu tut, but maybe there will be someone, kita berkawan saja la" WTF.... (shaluu nya) tadi ak cakap nda reject kn.. nah "u r rejected la JOK....." but i still "stubborn".. try lagi pikat dia... tp shaluuuuuuu ada sda... hehe nda pa la... for my friends yg tau DIA... u la kn who is she...hehe ba... in conclusion, i will set it as in my memory under section LOVE..ngeeee

bad kn.. poor n looser... hohoho

fuh long time i did not writing on this blog.. hehehe.. i will try get up to date this...

>now we are in holidays mode.. huuu huuu huuuraYYYYYYYYYYYYY

ooooo oh BTW..
hope, my wish will come true that,to graduate in this year at UITM sabah taking course Diploma In Accountancy... last final exam so tough la.. cuz, gap jadual sooo sooo bitches!!! dekat sangat, but i manage to faced it.. hehe congratz jok.. to my friends... i hope all of us will pass n graduate together.. hehe....

and daa...

too all my classmate in DIA courses.. i am really2 so much more more and more LOVE all of u guy cuz making joyfulness, happiness, sadness, fightness <--- cing adaka???, hehe teda... and will remember u and U must remember me kehhh..hehe muahhh CING...

ok la gud bye...


  1. achhhh! aq taw sappaaaaa joko! hahahah

  2. ok... sepa ka itu??? yg slalu kmi ckp ka???

  3. nope!... haha biarlah rasia.. chenggggggg


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