Friday, May 20, 2011

welcome to papa Loki!! hehe

hmmm.. who is Loki?? its my New pet...haha today, he is growing up.. the next 2 weeks from now, i i'll be treat him fully... Loki come to papa.. i am your new father! lol... haha i am excited to taking care of you... my tomel Loki...! loki berketurunan parsi+kampung dari his mummy polita and jejaka! haha

actually i take the name of "Loki" is from Thor muvie! haha.. like usually every pet that we taking care or we love, we always name it..don't you?? i think loki the the best name for him... weeeee...

i just take his picture.. here he is!!

he still weak! and look fatty!

this is his siblings!... there are 5 actually, but loki take my heart! ngeee.. so decide to choose him...


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