Sunday, May 22, 2011

last minutes was lucky day today!

writing on this blog while enjoying LA cigarette + corn ice cream with chocolate taste and da watching channel which currently is rihanna song (who that chick) is on!

hmmmm.... today, is my lucky day as i think one of the most memory ever i will remember...hehe it's about fishing at AMPANGAN KILAN... normally i doesn't like fishing at the river since i got (ketaguran dulu2 memancing d sungai which our member called AMPANGAN)..hehe but, today my brother in law bring me with his wife(my sister) to fish at river which is near with my home.... just about 50 meter from my home.. hmmm...

firstly first, before i went to fish... i made my own tools to used to fish (tools means my fishing rood and the item that related to the fishing rood...) which i made my own float, fishhook and so on.... 3.30 pm we went to the AMPANGAN with hopes to aim snake-head fish(toman) to bring home... ^^V

hmmm.. we stared fish by using (chicken liver and dead fish as bait), i sit alone with my cigarette..waiting so long....hmmmm... "aaaaaaa" my sister is yelling.... for the first person who got the fish is my sister...she got the snake-head fish WTF... (hmmmm... sinuhuktir... kecil syak pown)-----> of kos i jealous!!! and said "WHAT EVERRR IT IS... DUHHHH)..haha and stay calm... at that moment i was a bit disappointed because, when i throw my bait.. suddenly the bait fly jauhhhhhhhh... meaning tercabut cari matakail!! it was happened 5 times!!! then i felt down... Suddenly my sister got another snake-head fish WTF i sail in my heart again... the second fish that she got also the small one.... hmmm then me and my brother in law got jealous too.. we go to place area where my sister got the fish!!! lol... i think we may called "KILAR NYA ORG KEDAYAN" haha but my sort of feeling is strong by going to the next area from my sister.. then i trow my bait to the river... in about 3 minutes, suddenly my bait is shaking like there are fish is peaking my bait... the i ask my brother "chai, ikan ka tu yg matuk ak punya umpan???" then he replied " ikan damit tu yg makan".. then in my head (hmmmmm.. yala tu..hehe kunun..." the suddenly i take up my fishing rood witch result noting... then i throw back at the same area which i think "there must be a fish..huge fish cuz i can feel it"... then suddenly in about 4 minutes later my float is getting deeper for my sight and i take up my fishing rood with proud its a huge fish i got is said "hooooooo...." the i ask my brother "ikan apa ni???? basar ih.." he said "ikan kaloi tu..." then in my mind "kalapia kali ih"..then i trust him.. "yala kalapia la tu" (people in peninsular called that fish is TILAPIA... then my spirit is strong and try i it again... OMG!(stail mdm betsy haha)... i got the second fish which is same with the first fish i get... then suddenly my hook is off from my catgut... so i decide to stop... so then we went home and i show up my fish to my father.... then suddenly i dont know what to do with that my father said "guring la nyaman tu" i replied "bah.... ak mana seja..." my first impression bout to eat ikan sungai is bad.. i said "eyuuuhhhh"..haha.. but then my father fried it with garlic OMG!!! it gooooodddd! so fresh......

the end... that is the first experience i had!! n hope for the next time comes, i'll get it again.. because, usually ikan TALAPIA that i got is only like my mobile phone size! but this is bigger that my palm.... hmmmm


this is the picture of the fish that i got today!

the moment i got the huge tilapia fish!!

look at that fatty fish!! looks yummy....


  1. haha,ketawa aku baca jok,pnuh dgn aksi suspen!

  2. far.. haha... ak main hentam ja tulis!!!

    Aydil: haha.. abis da d makan....


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