Monday, June 27, 2011

am i still young to learn about it? cing!

nowadays, i was exposed about paranormal things that make me interested.. i am not sure that, it was temporary or long-term interest.. cuz, sort of these things is allowed or not.. the attraction of that things interest me... now, i am thinking and read a lot about this things.... what i got was, it just a knowledge about human mental n spiritual, aurora, energy, chakra and so many things... last nights, i had follow my cousin and his friends to do paranormal activity.. it was my second time following them.. on that night, my cousin intend to see the supernatural being.. and so mine (but I'm not obsess about it) cuz on that night my feelings was mixed fear plus worried!..hehe

on that night, i was learn how to see energy of supernatural beings n human.. what i got was, i dunno, or may be i am not suitable enough or bla bla blaaa to see it...however, it make sense, cuz i had saw a bit strange things some sort like "people looking at us" "something creatures like riding a bike".... whooooaaa.. but I'm not afraid..usually was fear! haha.. may be i was comfortable because i was exposed a little bit about that things.. i think, i want to learn about it... can i?
and i think it was not forbidden! cuz i intend to learn about it just for my own advantages.. for kindness... ^^

may be someday i will acquire this knowledge but from where??? cingggggggggggg

ooo.. i had saw my friends blog and wrote about her job experience! later i will write mine.. wahaha (nda mau kalah)...

today is 27 of june... and at the end of this month and other month will be busy day.... OMG i should competent in during my job... and soon my first salary will pay :).... hehe

i am embarrassed to share this essay (essay???) actually because i can't keep in my heart! so i just post it on this blog.. whoever want to read..just read and give some advice to me.. thanks... ^^

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