Tuesday, June 28, 2011

my 1st experience working at office..

well hi peeps, hurmm, i'm not feeling well today.. so weak n lifeless sometimes..hehe cuz i got flu n cough...damn.. hope it will be ok after i drink vitegen n penadol soon... pray for me :)

today i wanna write something about my working life (temporary...while i am waiting my continual studies at degree level).. actually i want to write about my job before.. due to not have much time or may be i forget! hehe now, here.. i am gonna tell you about my job... i work at airpak express as assit. account.. i start working on 1st of june... where today is my 28 days working at there... what am i gonna say that, its not so tough cuz, all the job that has been given to me is my food.. i mean i enjoy working on it... hehehe... my first time working at there, i felt OMG there are a lot of work to do.. cuz previous worker is not doing finish of her job.. fuhhhh.. but, Alhamdulillah, i can handle it.... my working is more in to calculating, key ining amount of transaction, fill the cn form and da what i love is..... working with computer n CALCULATOR!! hahahaha... i like working with calculator.... hehe... so i think this is it.. noting more i can tell or may be none in my thought to think to write anymore for today.... :)

i can't wait my first pay!! $$$

Salam :)

this is the picture of my place in the office... (PERLU???)

this is petty cash file that i have key in... i did it only 2 days... hehe actually not only this i have to key in.. there's are a lot... @@

thats all.. bye...

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