Sunday, June 19, 2011

fishing today was awesome!

haiyo bloggers! today is Sunday! haha so? ok duhhh
today me and my crew (eccchhhh)... me and my cuzen went fishing at tanjung kubong which is my first time being there! the place was so so clean n beautiful! really! i never thought in Labuan having a great place like that! it was so calm being at there! but its hard to going there cuz it was some sort like isolated place! hehe i mean there are not lot of people are going there!

what we did at there was fishing! the placed was suggested by my cuzen which is his grandma have a garden at there.. so he lead our way to that place.. next time maybe we will going there again n agian.. cuz we was exited to fish there!! hehe... and da i am not satisfied yet! cuz i only got 1 fish which called "ikan kerapu" not big enough but it was the big fish i got then my cuzen. they are only got a small fish but they got more! hehe

so this is the picture, the moment we are in that place!
this is my sister.. she got 2 small fish..

this is wewe, he only got 2 small fish..

this is me... i just got 1 fish...

this is my brother.. he got 1 small fish...

this is my cuzen.. he got 5 small fish..

this is my brother in law.. and he got nothing!! hahaha :P

after we went back from fishing.. we enjoy ABC at pohon baru...
i consider it is a good activity to enjoy.... you should try some times... hehe

gud nite... i am so tired... papay... :)

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