Wednesday, June 29, 2011

stop for a while

hi bloggers,^^V... the previous entry was make me too obsess to think to.. about paranormal... i should stop it for a while before my mind become too obsess critically obsess.. cuz nowadays i always take many time to think, read and acknowledge about it...haha.. this is me, when my interest become wider i can't afford to think less... but, this things is out of my thought n always haunt myself... i don't want it happen... its enough when i do this things with my cuzen...hehe what can i say while thinking about it... its hard for me to sleep without light, now i always sleep with light on and music after reading about this..hahaha when i think back, its funny, cuz before i exposed about this things, i haven't thought anything about this except after i watch thriller movie..haha...

and u know, when i get exposed about this things, i felt like i get some sort like hidayah to full my solat...after hear my cuzen stories, reading article and many more.. i hope i will let it be sustained until death come to me.. :)

okey, good nite... " iman seseorang boleh bertambah dan berkurang bergantung kepada amalannya"

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