Monday, June 13, 2011

bad experience ever when i was in year 4!

its 12.58 AM sitting in the office with listening to radio and suddenly i recalled my memory when i was in year 4 at sekolah kebangsaan layang-layang2an.. this experience actually make my eager to learn become down "drastically down"... the story like this...

ok.. long time ago, when i was in year 3, i had pass in my examination (my first time pass in exam!! lol).. then i got offered to enter to (kelas hijau) i mean naik kelas...

i was in year 4... my teacher asked me.. why r u here?? then i said.. i was offered to enter in this class.. she replied "why is your name are not the list??" and i replied "idk".. (masih ni cigu kelas tu nda puas hati..sambil berkerut dahi..) sudden.. she asked to all students in that class to write an essay (free essay) in 10 minutes.. then in my thought "alamak mcm mn mo mula ni.. maklum la org baru belajar terus2 kena test" then i wrote something.. i didn't remember what was i wrote about sorry.. hehe then the 10 minutes is over.. then she asked to submit all the essay.. the first student she mark was me.. then, lot of comments she gave after she read my essay (i know its worst cuz i never write any essay like high school student!) usually if i want to success in doing something i must have a practise... you know what happened??? she she she.... argghhh.. my mood become gerammm bila di ingatkan semula smpi skrg... aarrggghhhh

then what was disappoint me was.. i was kicked out from kelas hijau... it was sooooo make my eager to learn is DUUUUUUHHHHHHHHHHHH... then until year 5 i am went in the same class then in year 6 was worst turun kelas paling teruk!!! cuz, at that moment i think " buat apa mo lulus kalau lulus pn turun jua p kelas palinggg bawahh" i was set my mind like that... stupid kn...

the moral of lesson is: jgn trip pandai kerana kalau ko pandai ada lg org lebih pandai dari kau... ngam ka?? haha...

for me.. moderate is batter then high n low <-- u know what i mean??

hope all of you understand what i am writing.. hehe

then my UPSR result got 2 fail which i got 2B,1C,2D "D stand for DOGO!! haha subject BM n ENGLISH)

ok! i want to continue my job in this office.. dadaa..


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