Monday, June 13, 2011

what's NEXT??? I am scare to know about it.. but i still want to know about it.. but not so sure???? lol

aa ah.. what i mean is.. i was get in to know about paranormal activity.. hell yeah sound crazy... but this is what i mean! i mean i had post at my fb saying that "there are something make me interested.. but it's forbidden... on june 7.." i had followed my new friends (cing, consider as new friend cuz i just meet them last 2 weeks) they are sort of special persons. i mean they have abilities to see what we can't see some sort like "6 sense" i don't know but they are make sense.. they had shared a little bit about something extraordinary thing to us... then what they are saying was make me questioned... hurmmm.. last friday night had followed them to go to one place called "taman botanikal at Labuan" i was so exited and scare and a bit trembling! i think the worst thing i had in my life! but it's interesting but what we call "DANGEROUS" for those who vulnerable person... this activities my cuzen called as "paranormal activities" which sound scary!
and you know on that night i just had take many picture.. i mean take the supernatural beings picture.. but i am not so sure what i saw in my camera was it or not... i also had take a video on that night.. what i got was.. there are something creature at the toilet in that place which "taman botanikal"... but i am not so sure about it.. i just Bluetooth that video to my cuzen which he will analyzed later! OMG is that.. cingggggggggggggggggggggggg...

sooooo scare and creepy!


  1. mn gambarnya..ak mau tingok!!!!!

  2. gambar yg ak ambil teda apa2 yg dpt! tp vedio mungkin ada... nnti i upload.. sbb mo d kaji lg..hehe


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