Sunday, July 3, 2011

1 day travelling at kk

hi bloggers, how r u today? hope all just fine always...hehe ^^
today, i wanna write about my journey to watch transformer 3 at kk... fuhhh, its a hard journey actually, cuz our plan to go to kk was disorganized properly..haha.. we went on saturday and we back home today sunday... the members of these journey included me, my bro in law and my cuzen.. three of us was exited to watch transformer 3... so we planned to go to kk.. first we planned want to get there at kk by ferry n bus.. then we discuss back.. it's turned to get there by my cuzen car... then the last minutes turned back again using the first planned...arghh it was dizzy!! hahaha.. cuz if we used car to get there, it
was spoiled by there was not a ticket for the car... we get there buy using ferry n bus....Alhamdulillah we arrived at kk what is planned ^__^... and u know, in a long the way to kk.. we arrested by police! i mean the bus was be detained by police cuz the driver bus was unlawful!! he drove the bus like the road was his road!! (hah... cing..) all the passenger in that bus was detained too.. so our time was wasted!! we was detained at papar area.. we were waiting for about 30 minutes...cuz the bus driver was examined the urine test by the police! arghhhh... .\_/.!....

in around 6-7 pm we arrived at kk... upon arrival we were there my cuz girlfriend pick us at Mahkamah area at kk... then we went to get something to ate at sempelang restaurant.... while we at that restaurant i was wonder what was my friend did at that time (i mean my uitm friends) i text zul and told him i was arrived at kk.. the he asked me to join them to go shisha shisha.. but unfortunately i can't joint them.. :( cuz our movie at that night was started at 10 PM and ended around 12.30 AM.. i am really2 felt so so sorry to them...

okey, back to our view! before we get in the cinema at suria sabah.. we played dytona car game!! and i was defeat but not "uncit" ok.. 3rd place!.... another my cuzen joined us at suria named ajeq! he actually had already watch transformer 3..but he still want to joined us cuz we watch in 3D "genk!" it was awesome! really clear n exited! (cing.. mcm nda pernah tinguk 3d) haha and i give 9/10 marks only.. cuz no megan fox acting! hahaha.. but i am really satisfied! and i think it must have another transformer 4 don't u?? hmmmmmm....

after we watched muvie we did another crazy (gylak) things...! and it was headed by my big cuzen to harass "PUNDAN" hahahahaha at kampung air kk... i felt fear rather then paranormal activity! hell yea! the pundan was frightened me! puiiii..... what did i did.. i just seated silence and smile..fixed in the car without move!! the there of my member was crazy... haha.. and the last thing we did on that night was watched any cars race around kk....

and today around 5 PM we were homed!

the place that we went before back to labuan...was gaya street n wisma merdeka!

ok..ujan suda saya sangat takut..nda tau kenapa.. so masuk tidur ZZZZZZ...
gud nite! ^..^

salam :)

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