Thursday, July 7, 2011


to my Uitm friends.. zul, sadre, fariz, aydil, sarie dan yang lain2.. sorry i can't joined u last week... i know i am a shit like the way i did.. i give false promise.. but i have a reason why i did it.. next time i will not do it again..

i realized this feeling when i chat one of my friend, but he didn't reply..

Goods come from Allah, the bad come from me, myself and i (ceehhh mcm tajuk lagu beyonce pula) hehe


  1. lo0o0o0o0 maaaaaa aku main dota la kok.... trus bila aku mo blz ko off9... teda2 la kok mo mare2...

  2. mn da ak offline.. ko yg terus offline.. ak tnggu ko balas.. ok habutt.. haha


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