Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dinner wif ma friend tonight..

fuhhh i am so full this night, me and my friends had a wonderful dinner.. placed--> Manja Rasa which my first time being there.. (nama syak org labuan hahaha).. i recommend u to go there.. it's just rm 20 per person quite cheep enough... actually our dinner tonight was planned early by one of my friend that she will going back to her hometown this Thursday..Alhamdulillah our plan is accomplished..

we had joy,
we had fun,
we laugh and eat as many as we could...

this is the moment we were there:

suddenly.. it is unexpected things happens.. mayanti lay an egg.. then we cook it with regard! wahahahaha how sad....

we dismissed at 9.30 P.M send all this gurl back to their home... hehehe

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