Sunday, July 10, 2011

a sense of repentance in me

today we went fishing again at tanjung kubong but at different area and different way.. Alhamdulillah, we got many fish and fishing today was different for me...where.. while fishing, my feelings so calm, fresh and happy.. dunno why.. i likeee...hehe

opss then.. i forgot to attend a talk at our surau after solat maghrib... but gladly i was able to attend that talk.. syukur kerana di beri kesempatan.. amin..

(gambar copy paste) hehe

i never felt this feeling after i was hear a talk (ceramah ilmu agama) today! it was so entertaining my heart! feeling my heart want to cry after hear this quote "bahawasanya, semua roh2 yg telah kembali ke rahmatullah akan berada d pintu dunia pada waktu senja (mcm hari mau masuk waktu solat maghrib) dimana mereka mengharapkan doa doa daripada warisnya, anak cucu nya yg berada d dunia" then sudden my heart feels something a sense of repentance in me... you know, it will happen to us later on! so we must teach our child, relatives and anyone who closed to u to pray for Allah and do what is ordered and always doakan kepada mereka yang telah tiada...

-thanks to ustaz shahrizal cuz giving us such a valuable lessons-

actually there is a lot of interesting topic that he discuss today, but i didn't know how to quote it back what he saying.. like about "human dead body while in the grave", "respect our parents"..

alright, may Allah bless us always! keep learning... :)

salam :)

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  1. like this one... sjauh mna pown kita bljr n bejalan... we still search for pengisian KEROHANIAN... and ISLAM IS THE ONE.. alhamdulillah.. :))


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