Friday, July 8, 2011

kubeb is sick

my cat named kubeb is sick right now.. afraid he will die... today is the third days!! he still paralyzed.. can't jump, can't eat, won't play.. all he did just sit on the long grass around my home! i checked him (cing jd doktor heiwan la suda) i discovered something swelling in his stomach.. during i solat subuh kubeb was vomiting in his cage! color white yesterday was green... i think he ate frog!! my sister won't send him to hospital haiwan cuz many cases when someone send his pet to hospital their cat die! we won't let it happen to kubeb.. all we did just let he recover himself... who know cat has their own medical therapy... (hah??).. hope u will well soon my cats... :)

last two week loki was missing till now.. we suspected he was eaten by "biyawak..big biyawak" i know..around my home have a lot of biyawak... :,( haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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