Monday, July 25, 2011

just to write...

hi bloggers, its time for me to update this blog but i don't have any story to tell about.. but i just simply write what i had done in three days before.. hurmmm what i did was i had followed again the paranormal activity on friday night with awesome people, i respect them.. actually it was unexpected planed to me to joined them, but my brother in law brought me to joined them.. i just followed cuz i had nothing to do on that night... back to story, -> on that night we were went to the memorial park at membedai labuan.. what happened, i felt like nothing afraid to, idk why maybe we are many or may be weather is not suitable... perhaps la.... i felt nothing when i followed them cuz i am not able to be see what their but i just can sense what was going around... blur with their story but it was interesting to hear.. cuz nowadays, i think.. i like to be like them.. has abilities.. but when i think back it was a long thought to think to... not ready to spread it out.. moreover in the near future, i will going back to study.. bye2 paranormal activity..huhuhu hope on the next time i can follow them again..hihi thanks to them cuz tell a brief explanation about supernatural things to knows about.. i am so glad meeting them so i can know knowledge about what is going around apart from what happen in the real human life... i was impress with my brother in law and my cuzen, cuz they also can see supernatural beings, i never thought their has that ability.. hihihi... on the next day which on saturday night they went again to do paranormal activity but without me.. felt loss.. haha i heard they are went to manikar which all people know that place has lot of wired things happen i mean "tempat keras"... huhuhu terlepas peluang..huhuhu...

on sunday morning i had went to tanah perkuburan at layangan with my father and my cuzen, what we did just clean off the rubish our family grave.. it was so sad to be there, i just give AL-Fatihah... :(

on sunday evening, we went swimming at komplex sukan labuan.. we had a good day to enjoy to..hihihi

thats all... bye2..

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